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Business Telephone Systems are at the core of any business. It’s the key technology that allows your customers to contact you, so you can be sure that any business telephone system CMC provides is tailored to fit you, your business and your customers.

At CMC we have a wide range of business telephone systems and we take great care to ensure that you choose the right system for your business - rather than just the cheapest replacement with a more limited working life.

Business Telephone Systems come in many formats, be that onsite, united communications, cloud and dial tone only. These terms are in regular industry use and all over the internet, but what do they actually mean?

Onsite business telephone systems simply mean that your phone system is located in your office. There will usually be a box on the wall or in your comms room that acts as the interface between the phone on your desk and the outside world. Onsite business phone systems work best where there is limited internet connectivity or a need to connect to other systems also based onsite.

United Communications
This is the integration of every form of electronic communications into one business telephone system. Breaking this down further, it means that voice, video, online chat and mobile communications can be integrated into one system. This allows your customers to contact you using the most convenient technology for them.

Cloud based business telephone systems mean that the phone system is not physically located in your office. Cloud business telephone systems have all the functionality of an onsite system but can be quicker and more flexible to deploy. Scalable and ideal for growing businesses who have multiple sites or home based workers who require access to your business telephony features. Internet connectivity is important with Cloud solutions to ensure smooth operation.

Dial Tone Only

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As you can see, there is a wide range of different solutions – so choosing the right business telephone system for your business needs expert advice and experience.

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