Fixed Line Voice & Data

CMC can provide a number of fixed line voice & data options for your business. This includes traditional digital and analogue fixed lines, with highly competitive wholesale call rates. CMC aims to provide fixed line voice & data options that will reduce your business costs and improve efficiency.

CMC always take the time to understand your business needs and carry out all the necessary research to provide new fixed line installations. Working in close partnership with our providers you can be assured that the whole process is managed for you.

VOIP Solutions

CMC also offer VOIP solutions (voice over internet protocol) with competitive call rates via SIP channels, achieved with a fast, reliable internet broadband line. VOIP phone systems are ideal for SMEs and Corporate clients, providing the ability to increase or decrease the number of phones available. This technology is also ideal for remote workers and multiple locations, enabling you to move locations and still show your office telephone number.

Other benefits and features of using VOIP include:

  • Call attendant, automated answering and time based routing.
  • Music on hold and call queuing.
  • Call forwarding, divert and hunt groups.
  • Voicemail, shared mailboxes and address books.
  • Call monitoring, reporting and events.
  • Failover disaster recovery.
  • SIP Trunks.

Saving business costs usually associated with traditional PBX and digital lines, SIP Trunks are individual channels used to carry voice traffic and can provide a range of benefits to your existing telephony services. CMC can utilise the latest technology and provide the advice your business may require to harness these solutions.

Are you looking for a robust, scalable solution which is backed by a solid support contract?

The majority of businesses have existing lines, CMC can assist in the migration of these and bring all services and features into one easy to manage account. With a dedicated team of account managers, CMC’s vast knowledge and experience in the fixed line and telecoms industry can provide the support many businesses are looking for.




Looking for IT support?

CMC's dedicated team of IT experts are here to help and support all your business IT support requirements.

Download our support software today so we can access remotely. Read more


CMC are now a registered
Connection Vouchers Supplier!

Broadband Connection Vouchers is a Government scheme that helps businesses improve their internet connection by offering connection vouchers of up to 3,000 to improve at least 95% of UK premises and universal access to basic broadband (speeds of at least 2Mbps). Read more

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